Hi Friend,

I have been described by many people as Giggly,  and bubbly with a contagious personality that fills up the room. However I prefer to describe myself as a fun-loving dreamer who in the mornings loves her avocado and egg on toast with a cup of coffee (or 5…)  but in the evening I am all about cookie dough, Oliver wine, and a good Netflix binge session. For some reason, my brain works, efficiently and creatively in high-stress situations. Even though I can never decide what it is I want to eat when it’s time to decide. Sometimes I may work too much but being on the move is what I was made. I am very passionate and whatever the dream is for your event I would love to help you make it happen. Don’t have a clear idea of what that looks like? That’s okay I can also help you flesh out your thoughts into a dream. I love people and would love to sit down and get a cup of coffee with you and chat about your ideas!





Want to Meet?

Seamless Events by Sarah team is ready and able to get to help you watch your dreams become a reality. So let's get coffee and chat!